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Copy Fees / Fax Fees as follows:

Copies made from materials that can be checked out are charged at the above rates. The first (2) copied pages made from reference materials that do not check out are free, then the above charges apply. All pages printed from library computers must be paid for at the above rates. Copies from other libraries and inter-library loan are charged at the above rates unless the lending library charges a higher rate. Due to the expense of copier toner and printer ink, there is no reduction in cost when the patron provides the paper.

Interlibrary Loan

Pottawatomie Wabaunsee Regional Library has access to library materials from other libraries in Kansas through a statewide borrowing network. Patrons of the Library must contact their local library location and request books through them. Borrowing Libraries should use standard Interlibrary Loan procedures to order materials.

Newspaper Microfilm Collection

PWRL maintains microfilm copies of all available area newspapers for each of our branch libraries. We have a reader-printer available for public use with advanced print/save capabilities. Microfilm copies print to the Library's networked computer printers. All copying fees outlined above will apply to items printed with the microfilm reader.